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Dhama Thanigasapapathy

Dhama Thanigasapapathy - Earth and Sea
Earth and Sea 1/3

Dhama Thanigasapapathy is a London based British artist whose work is informed by her interest in science, science fiction, psychology, futurism and her life-long fascination with the awesome power and chaotic beauty of extreme climatic phenomena. Her perspective is unusually enriched by a prior career in IT Consultancy and telecommunications which involved analysis of the impacts of artificial intelligence, ubiquitous connectivity and other revolutionary technologies.

Dhama's practice involves spending a lot of time immersed in the natural landscape, studying, drawing and photographing. Exploring how extreme climatic forces may shape the environment. Using the research as a basis to create semi-figurative landscapes of future possibilities based on a complex layering of reality, imagination, multiple overlapping memories, cultural stories and emotional drivers including unease and nostalgia.

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