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Quilos and the Windmill

Quilos and the Windmill - To the Rondo
To the Rondo 1/3

We are creative explorers responding to each other from different countries, and space is our constant companion. She comes in the form of 'Mutata'...

Unseen and unheard, she is always at work in our work. Her many masks and cloaks engender all kinds of creature, speaking all kinds of language as she appears, disappears and reappears in the folds of our stories.

She is our third - a spectral presence - acting quietly above, between, beside and below, supplementing our words and actions with her own, resurfacing in the guise of a galleon, a dark Colombina, or a white feathered crow. Costuming and rehearsing our next voyage, she is the space of our thoughts.

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