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Gemma Nurser

Gemma Nurser - Worldmaking

My practice examines the embodied experience of landscape and how the interplay between human and non-humans in motion can be creatively expressed to tell a visual story of our co-existence in 'a world of becoming, of fluxes and flows' (Ingold, 2015).

Through a methodology I term movement-perception-in-motion, I actively shift my anthropomorphic perspective allowing for a decentered 'intra-action' (Barad, 2007) with the animated landscape. Walking prevents a static and separated observation, encouraging a sensuous engagement with the lifeworlds of non-humans. Using both physical and digital processes I creatively articulate these experiences with a focus on an affirmative way of knowing and contributing to a posthuman world-making.

I am currently completing an MA in Fine Art, having previously achieved a degree in Interior Architecture and working in experiential events.

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