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Richard White

Richard White - Shadows in the Stream
Shadows in the Stream 1/3

Practice: (dis)enchanted walking//walking-with.
Participatory performative walking as non-confrontational but frictional engagement with heritage.

As a white European man I am developing a walking-with practice mindful of patriarchy and the legacies of colonialism. My on-going investigation is founded in walking out of necessity, coerced walks: walking-with dissonant and reluctant heritage. I want to reveal and express knowledge and understandings activated or generated through such wayfaring. My work generates content rooted in embodied experiences arising from intended and serendipitous intra-actions on foot and in motion. (dis)enchanted walking embraces the slow and attentive, it interrogates heritage enchantments and authorised versions of places.

Practice as research PhD candidate: Bath Spa University
Senior Lecturer in Media Practice: Bath Spa University
Freelance artist

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