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Maureen Gamble

Maureen Gamble - The year that summer didn't come (close up view)
The Year that Summer didn’t come1/3

Word of Mouth

Maureen Gamble (Heaney-Sykes) is an artist based in Worcestershire whose work is influenced by climate change and the transformative power the physical world has on the everyday lives of people, place and their culture.

Maureen’s piece, "Flow Line’s" draws the viewer in to explore the finely handwritten dates and water marks, halting tides to a time, a year, offering audiences a personal reflection on their own life markers along with the rivers. linking to the river through age and event.

The artwork ‘The Year that Summer didn’t come’ re-presents tree ring growth and climate data collected from records from 1950-1994 and stories about the effect of this on individual people living during this time.

The work ‘The Promises I Kept’ re-presents handwritten promises and diary entries that were collected at New Year made to others, and those made to self which aren’t always kept for as long.

Maureen Gamble (Heaney-Sykes)
August 2023

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