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Dr Lydia Halcrow

Lydia Halcrow - Trace (Abandoned Ships)
Trace (Abandoned Ships) 1/3

My work aims to open up ways of collaborating with a place through my walking body. It holds the textures and materiality of a place at its centre, using my sensing body and the touch of my hands and kinetic movement of my feet to notice and create processes that form a series of alternative maps 'matter maps' made with a landscape as a form of Counter Cartography.

I weave together drawings, notations, impressions and pigments made with the earth and from crumbling industrial structures that act as a trace of human activity and our troubled relationship with our environment. This fragile record mainly on paper is like the landscape and my moving body - in a constant state of flux, always becoming. The 'matter maps' formed the basis of a practice-based PhD completed in 2022.

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