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Ed Whittaker

Ed Whittaker - Open and Shut
Open and Shut, 2020 1/3

I would say that I have tried to work with contradictions between accepted modes of representation, by necessary symbolisms set against the substantive realities of material (spatial) production. This material, spatial ‘reality’, which in truth is utterly devoid of the real is in deep crisis ecologically, socially and politically, but there being no possible art that can mollify it from within the institution. Actions must therefore break away from conceptual positions. Whilst I do not claim to produce an art that is political in the strict sense, I do insist that all spatial and temporal positions are contingent upon real actions (actions-in-the-real) and thus the bearers of consequences. For me, it is my job to be self-conscious to those challenges wherever they arise and wherever I can make an intervention.

I was born in Manchester UK in 1948. I attended quite a few art schools. I taught art in quite a few art schools too, over the years. I took a PhD (dissertation) in 2012. I live in Västerås, Sweden.

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