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Carol Laidler

Carol Laidler - Waterline
Waterline 1/3

My art practice involves examining the connection between things, looking at ways in which narrative emerges and how those meanings relate to individual as well as cultural experience. Taking the form of site-specific writing, sound, and immersive installations, the artwork is based in a walking practice where chance encounter, conversation and sensory experience combine with historical, geographical and scientific research. Much of my work has been situated in the contested edge between sea, river and land. The location and how it bleeds into the meaning of the work is a very important element. I’m interested in how these meanings shift through re-iterations, different translations.

I graduated with a BAFA from Sheffield, Psalter Lane Art School in 1983. Since then I have worked and exhibited in both Britain and Germany. I have a background in film and photography, and have worked on documentary films for Channel 4.

I graduated with an MFA from UWE in 2013. I have a studio at Spike Island and I am a co-director of alldaybreakfast, a socially engaged artist collective. As a member of Spike Associates I took part in the Tate Exchange, at Tate Modern in February 2017 and March 2018.

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