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Alyson Minkley

Alyson Minkley - Sink or Swim Porthleven projection installation 2020
Sink or Swim Porthleven projection installation 2020 1/3

Independent research artist

Socially-engaged, visual & interdisciplinary, Alyson’s practice involves research collaborations with social-sciences, mathematics & computer-science. Sometimes participatory, growingly experiential, using embodiment as methodology to investigate relationships & conversations between self & other - space, place, physical, virtual, personal or existential.

Recent projects include residencies in Porthleven, Cornwall & Calne, Wiltshire exploring engagement with place through practice as a social & philosophical process as opposed to one purely responsive to physical environment. Other works focus on understanding our psychological & emotional vulnerabilities and needs for connection to and feedback from the places we inhabit be they spiritual or temporal.

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